Done Drinking

Done Drinking 2.0.2

Help the tipsy drinker stay on his feet


  • Tilting control mechanism
  • Fun graphics and music


  • Gets repetitive
  • Not many game options

Not bad

Most of us have experienced - or at least witnessed - the effects that alcohol can have on a person's basic ability to stand upright. Done Drinking puts you in the shoes of a guy who has had one two many pints and challenges you to get him home.

Done Drinking makes use of the iPhone's accelerometer so you can control your drunken bum, Tipsy, simply by tilting the screen from one side to the other. It's not as easy as it sounds as the bubbles have got to his head and made it virtually impossible for Tipsy to walk in a straight line, so you'll need to be very precise in your movements. The object is to travel as far as possible without Tipsy falling over. You get three tries and your total distance is recorded in the high scores table.

Done Drinking is good fun to play with funny cartoon graphics and a humorous musical score. However, for me the game is just too repetitive and there aren't enough elements in it to make it anything other than a brief diversion. There aren't any levels as such and no obstacles, power-ups or other characters so the action quickly becomes a bit stale.

There are a few options in Done Drinking, such as volume, controls and the units of distance display - but I would've liked to have seen a bit more customization here.

Done Drinking is fun for a while, but the amusement soon gives way to fatigue and nausea - much like with booze itself.

Done Drinking


Done Drinking 2.0.2

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